BTS suddenly did not attend MAMA 2021: Is there a chance for boygroup SM to “carry” Daesang?

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According to the Korean newspaper, BTS will not attend this year’s MAMA because of quarantine after returning from abroad.

On the morning of December 2, Korean media reported that BTS would not be able to attend the MAMA 2021 awards ceremony on December 11th. The reason comes from the new regulation of the Korean government.

Accordingly, the government introduced a 10-day quarantine for all people who have a flight from abroad to enter Korea. This regulation applies to Korean citizens and foreigners in any vaccination status, due to concerns about the new strain of Covid-19.

BTS is currently in Los Angeles carrying out concert schedules

With this regulation, it is difficult for BTS to attend this year’s MAMA awards ceremony . The group is currently still in the US holding a series of concerts Permission To Dance On Stage.

After completing the first 2 concert nights on November 27-28, BTS continues to hold the remaining 2 concert nights on December 1-2 (local time). Thus, it is possible that the group will return to Korea this weekend, but still will not be able to perform the full 10 days of isolation to attend MAMA in time.


BTS’s absence at MAMA 2021 causes great regret for fans. For many years now, BTS has always been the most anticipated name of Mnet’s awards ceremony. MAMA is famous for its spectacularly invested stages, and BTS always delivers top-notch performances when attending the event.

Besides, if the MAMA line-up is absent from BTS, the award situation may change. MAMA has a tradition of “whoever goes, gets prizes”, so fans are worried that BTS will fail certain awards just because they can’t attend. This could also be a great opportunity for NCT 127 and NCT Dream – formidable candidates for the Daesang Album Of The Year award . Maybe this twist will create a “drama”, let’s wait and see!

BTS at MAMA 2020 red carpet

Some comments:

– It’s okay not to attend MAMA, I hope BTS is safe.

– MAMA, remember to ship the Daesang cup to your brother.

– The schedule in the US is almost a whole month. So it’s okay to take a break and not attend MAMA for 1 year.

– Is there any chance that MAMA will reschedule for BTS to attend? This year selling tickets offline but without BTS, who else will go to see it?

– Oh, it’s over. BTS is about to lose the award already.

– BTS didn’t attend, but fans still have to vote enthusiastically to bring back the award for you guys.