BTS takes a personality test, Jin gets angry and asks for his face

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Jin really didn’t expect that he would be pushed aside like this by his younger brother. Angry, he is not afraid to speak harshly!

Which BTS member are you? J-Hope recently took this quiz to answer that question and more!

On Weverse, J-Hope shared the results of the quiz. The quiz includes questions such as choosing “I am an optimist” on a scale from “not at all” to “very true”.

After answering 21 questions, J-Hope discovered that he was actually… Jimin!

The quiz describes Jimin as affectionate, open-minded, sensitive, and kind – the same holds true for J-Hope!

“You often compliment others by discovering their strengths rather than weaknesses, and sometimes you are sad and tired because you care about others more than yourself. You are Jimin” – according to the quiz.

J-Hope also found his soulmates V and Jungkook!

On Weverse, V also voiced his support. One ARMY posted the caption, “Hobi’s destined partner is the maknae? That’s right” and was agreed by V whistling.

“Choo Choo” – he commented.

Jin, on the contrary, is not happy at all! He expressed his deep hurt at J-Hope’s results.

“I am so disappointed in you, J-Hope. From now on, don’t talk to me anymore.” Jin sulked.

That’s right, people pick strawberries from the garden and bring them home to eat without being mentioned once!