BTS: The funny sleeping habits of K-pop male gods

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BTS, like many other idol groups and idols, has a very busy and tiring schedule.

The following information about sleeping habits has been revealed by BTS members in various interviews.


Yoongi is the main composer in BTS, he works very hard.

According to V, Suga works at night and that’s why you can often see him sleeping in the back in the background.

Suga doesn’t have any special sleeping habits except for the ability to sleep anywhere and in any position.

Suga told himself that if he’s sleepy, he’ll sleep no matter where he is.

In an interview, Suga said he slept without moving and his mouth was open.

In the past, the other members used to be afraid of waking Suga because he was extremely annoyed when someone disturbed him while sleeping, but now he is more lenient.

Suga always brings a sleeping pillow wherever he goes because it is a necessary item for him.

Suga sleeps sitting up even while attending a sports event


V has a strange sleeping habit. He has a habit of chewing, grinding his teeth and making noises while sleeping.

V used to sleepwalk and wake the other members to ask for food and drinks.

V has insomnia, so he may be nervous or nervous while sleeping. He also has the cutest habit of all the members – needing to hug a pillow or be in contact with someone to sleep well.

In Bon Voyage , V shares a room with RM and V hugs him instead of a pillow. When tired, V sleeps with his eyes almost open.


The “youngest brother” of BTS does not have a habit of sleeping in, but like Suga, he has adapted himself to sleeping everywhere.

Jungkook often falls asleep while wearing makeup and stylists are forced to hold his head.

It is known that the boys love to tease Jungkook in his sleep but he barely wakes up, even when you touch him.

Jungkook often pouts when he sleeps but I don’t know if it’s a habit or not. Jungkook hardly wakes up in the morning and takes a long time to wake up.


Jimin often laughs or talks in his sleep. Jimin sleeps less than the other members because he likes to play video games in bed.


Hobi has the strangest habit. He caressed his own arms and chest in the night.

He admits that his mother used to cuddle him to sleep and over the years it seemed to have become his habit.

The members said that J-Hope slept with his arm and he pulled it down as soon as he started feeling uncomfortable.

J-Hope also likes when people touch his hair while he is sleeping.


RM is a snorer due to a problem with his nose that causes him to open his mouth while sleeping.

The members said that RM used to snore as loudly as a small military tank passing by.


Jin’s only habit is to look handsome and angelic even when he sleeps.

Random fact: To help fall asleep, he practices 40 minutes of yoga every night.