BTS: V ‘fascinated’ with Jungkook’s boxing clip is now ‘challenging’

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  When BTS members created their own Instagram accounts , no one expected that ARMY would be able to see so much content.

Over the past two months, fans have become so engaged with the interactions between the members on the accounts that it feels like an intrusion into their personal group chats.
Recently, the boys of BTS returned to Jungkook’s page. Specifically, on January 26, “Golden maknae” entertained fans with another video about his boxing practice…
Watching Jungkook’s videos many people think that he can become a professional fighter but someone in BTS thinks they can “fight” with each other and it is none other than V.

In the comments section, V wrote: “Hurry up and do some ‘sparring’.” Looks like V wants to practice his own skills with Jungkook.

However, J-Hope immediately encouraged V to be cautious with the comment, “Will you be okay? Ha ha ha ha ha ha.”
However, if J-Hope wanted to warn V about it, it was too late when Jungkook replied, “Come in (and my brothers fight)”.
If someone is worried about V there is no need because he is ready with his action plan if that happens.
“If you also use a bit of your waist to hook and move the center of gravity a little more from left to right for the top, it will be fine” – V.
Jungkook enjoyed his conversation with V and added, “He also added a new comment of his own, saying ‘Whenever, (we fight together’
When it comes to fighting, Jungkook and V both know exactly what style they want to practice.
V explained that he can use “Adesanya style,” referring to UFC fighter Israel Adesanya.
“I use Adesanya’s technique so I won’t leave any distance. I will use my feet while you inhale and then I will punch you” – V.
Jungkook even quoted a famous saying by Mike Tyson, that “Everybody has a plan”.
But V didn’t fit either and asked Jungkook why he didn’t include that famous quote in its entirety, that: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.