BTS V’s father had a strange dream full of omens just before he was born

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Looking back at the current career of V BTS, I see what year his father’s dream was meaningful.

Kim Taehyun just celebrated his birthday on December 30. To show their love, ARMY gave V very special gifts. Just like last year, his image appeared on the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, setting a record for two consecutive years appearing here. Besides, there are countless notable places in different cities and countries.

With a cheerful, sociable personality, V had a broadcast to respond to ARMY’s love and of course there was no shortage of interesting stories.

In Korea there is a view of the Taemong dream. Taemong is a harbinger of the conception or birth of a child. The dreamer can be the baby’s mother or relatives. In V’s case, it was his father.

Right before V was born, his father had a dream about dragons. In the dream, he defeated the dragon and obtained the precious stone (our Taetae!).

Previously, in 2015, V shared this story in The Star magazine: “My father played pool with dragons and won. He received a miracle gem and from there I came out.”

When appearing on SBS’s Cultwo Show, he also said, “One day, my father had a dream about dragons. He was playing billiards with the dragon. He won so it gave its Yeouiju (a wish-fulfilling gem, a dragon’s precious possession)”.

V BTS is a precious gem that no one can deny!