BTS was called by fans to leave HYBE, the male god Jin suddenly had an unexpected reaction

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It’s not unusual for fans to be dissatisfied with an idol’s management company. Before the reaction of fans, each idol has a different solution. Recently, the male god Jin ( BTS ) drew attention with a surprising answer when fans called for him to leave HYBE Labels.

A fan used social media Weverse to express dissatisfaction with HYBE and hope that BTS will soon leave the company: “You guys leave the company soon”. Under this message, Jin only left a brief comment: “Huh, why?” Jin’s surprised reaction caused a debate on social media. It seems that BTS’s eldest brother is surprised by this opinion.

Many netizens believe that fans should not publicly give such negative opinions because only insiders can really understand the situation. However, another part thinks that this thought of fans is completely understandable because in the past, fans have repeatedly been dissatisfied with HYBE’s management for Jin in particular, and BTS in general.

1 fan left a message asking BTS to leave HYBE soon

Surprised reaction and brief comment: “Huh, why?” Jin’s got attention

Jin was treated unfairly by the company many times

In the past, fans have repeatedly discovered evidence that Jin was treated unfairly, even “outside”. In the Dynamite MV , Jin’s appearance and singing times seem to be much less than that of other members of the group. In Dynamite ‘s EDM mix , Jin’s part of the song is even completely omitted.

Not only that, on TV shows or many other music products of BTS, Jin also has little “acting ground” and the opportunity to shine. Most recently, when the company posted a teaser photo for the 2022 Season’s Greetings , fans realized that Jin didn’t even have a photo. Despite this injustice, Jin’s reaction showed that he was surprised at the fan’s desire for the male idol to leave the company.

Fans noticed that in Dynamite’s EDM mix, Jin’s part of the song was even completely removed

In the official MV, the male idol also does not have a solo scene. Many times, Jin is always treated unfairly, has less opportunity to appear on screen, to perform compared to other members.

Most recently, when the company posted teaser photos for the 2022 Season’s Greetings, fans realized that Jin didn’t even have any.

Fans have spoken out many times in the hope that the company will treat Jin more fairly