BTS: Watching Jungkook for 5 seconds on Instagram, J-Hope expressed his longing

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Ever since the BTS members created their own Instagram accounts , this forum has become the perfect place to stay up to date with everything the group is up to, especially during their long vacations. surname.

It has also become a perfect place to see interactions between members. The only people who can directly interact with posts are the members themselves, turning the comments section into a chat room.

Recently, Jungkook and J-Hope had a lovely interaction on this function. Thereby, J-Hope showed his true personality.

Specifically, on January 6, Jungkook caused a storm when sharing a small and very random video of himself with the caption: “What should I do?”.

The video may only be 5 seconds long, but Jungkook’s beautiful “visual” and charisma have ARMYs going crazy.

Soon after, Jungkook created a “trend” on the internet and it was not surprising to see the influence of the “golden maknae”.

However, while ARMYs are curious about Jungkook’s looks, another person has more important questions to ask and that is member J-Hope.

Ever since the boys of BTS created the account, J-Hope has been praised for showing love by always commenting and even “like” their photos within seconds of them being posted.

Once again, J-Hope showed how much he cares and loves in the comment section below Jungkook’s photo.

J-Hope wrote: “Jjyake (referring to Jungkook), when will we meet?”.

In his comment, J-Hope mentioned the fact that after returning from the US to Korea, the boys were quarantined at different times.

They are also enjoying their own vacation. Therefore, the members have not seen each other since then. No wonder J-Hope remembers it all and wants to meet Jungkook.

When J-Hope commented, ARMYs couldn’t hide how it made them feel.

Considering that the members are almost always together in some way, it would certainly be difficult to be apart for that long.

Hopefully soon the members can meet again because it’s been too long since we’ve been together.