BTS: What kind of people are the brothers in the eyes of ‘golden maknae’ Jungkook?

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As the youngest member of a globally famous boy group, Jungkook always receives a lot of attention from fans. In particular, many people are also curious to see what Jungkook thinks of his “hyungs”.

In an old interview, Jungkook honestly shared about the older member of the group.

1. Jin

When talking about the eldest Jin, Jungkook said, “Seok Jin hyung is an interesting person. Usually he jokes around, but he works harder and makes more efforts than anyone.

Although he looks normal in practice, he will show his results on stage. During the concert around the world, Jin was the one who sang the most. I can feel the enthusiasm and ambition that even he sometimes doesn’t realize.”

2. RM

“Nam Joon hyung doesn’t need to say much more. If you’re our fan, everyone already knows how ‘cool’ he is. As someone who doesn’t say anything, people still know him. What a wonderful person he is.

I think he absolutely has the status of a great leader. In all respects, whether as a singer, as an ordinary person or as a hyung, we can all learn a lot from RM.”

3. Jimin

“What about Jimin hyung? During my trainee period, I’ve never seen anyone practice as hard as him. Jimin is someone who puts in a lot of effort in everything.

No matter how hard it was, he didn’t back down and now he’s the most popular member of BTS. Yes, Jimin is someone who always tries to the end.”

4. Suga

“Suga hyung is very mature. Being a person who knows the difference between right and wrong. Being with him for a long time, I learned a lot of useful things.

In particular, what I admire the most is Suga’s deep understanding, sometimes even more than RM’s. He’s very mature.”


“First of all, V is very handsome. He sometimes looks like an angel. In the eyes of many people, he seems to be a carefree, low-minded person, but V is a very careful and thoughtful person. He even made plans from 1 to 10 to complete in turn.

V is someone who doesn’t have much ambition and he will only focus on the work he wants. I think composure is what I need to learn from him.”