BTS: When J-Hope revealed the secret that Jungkook had 4 phone numbers

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On February 18, the keyword “Jeon Jungkook 4” quickly became a “trend” on Twitter after J-Hope posted Jungkook’s birthday personal message on his Instagram .

J-Hope saved Jungkook’s number in Korean as “Jeon Jungkook 4”, implying that Jungkook may have 4 different phone numbers.

From this story, fans took to social media to share their speculation that Jungkook has 4 different phone numbers.

Many people speculate that Jungkook has 4 different phones depending on the occasions he uses them.

While others believe Jungkook had to change his phone number several times because he was called by a “sasaeng” during a previous live broadcast.