BTS’s 4 biggest scandals: Discrimination against women, blackmail, plagiarism

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BTS is currently the most famous K-pop group in the world. However, 7 male idols also had many scandals in the past.

Here are the 4 biggest scandals of BTS since their debut.

1. RM and accusations of plagiarism

In 2015, a Twitter account accused the leader of BTS of plagiarizing his lyrics with another person. RM apologized for this, explaining on Twitter that many of the lyrics RM wrote were inspired by books, movies, interviews and letters… that’s it. led to the above incident. The above alleged account forgave RM, and apologized for causing unnecessary trouble.

RM (BTS) apologizes on Twitter

2. Discrimination against women

The song ” War Of Hormones ” released in 2014 by BTS with words that look down on women through lyrics like “women are the best gift” or “wearing high heels too often”…

This controversy became even more serious when RM’s song Joke from his debut mixtape was released. The lyrics read: “Yes, you’re the best woman, at being bossy. You’re good at that, bossy. But come to think of it, you’ve never won. Instead of being the boss, she worthy of the disease of the century”. Many netizens believe that the lyrics not only hate women but also despise them.

3. The “sajaegi” controversy

Sajaegi is the practice of manipulating music charts, usually by falsifying album sales by buying them themselves or buying them in bulk from an outside source. Although the representative has denied all the above allegations, many netizens still claim that BTS has sajaegi.

Controversy erupted after BTS received attention with their 3rd mini-album The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1 and the single I NEED U surpassed Bigbang, topping many Korean charts.

4. Blackmailed for illegal marketing

In 2017, the CEO of a company (temporarily called A) was sentenced to 1 year in prison for blackmailing Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE). Big Hit signed a contract with the company for a marketing project 2 years ago, and the company fell on hard times.

A threatened Big Hit, claiming that he would reveal illegal marketing tactics used to promote Big Hit’s artists.

For fear of damaging the artist’s reputation, a Big Hit employee sent payments totaling 5.7 million KRW (approximately $4,450 USD). A was eventually discovered and charged with extortion. However, netizens said that if Big Hit were not guilty of using illegal marketing, they would never have paid A in the first place.

Due to rumors that got out of control and could tarnish BTS’s reputation, Big Hit’s reps made things clear: an employee tried to deal with a personal matter, and didn’t inform. to the company about blackmail. When the employee realized it was not a problem he could handle on his own, he reported it to the company and the blackmail was immediately reported to the police.