BTS’s Jin Does The “What’s In My Bag?” Challenge — Here Are His Top 7 Essentials

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#5 is so Jin! 😂

In BTS‘s third year ARMY membership kit, each member revealed the items they bring everywhere with them at all times. Check out Jin‘s must-have items below!

1. Earphones

So I can listen to music anytime, anywhere. Or make phone calls.

— Jin

2. In-ear

Just in case on of the in-ears that I use onstage has a problem, I carry an extra one.

— Jin

3. Tablet

So I won’t be bored in the waiting room! Always useful!

— Jin

4. Toothbrush Kit

To make sure that my breath doesn’t make other people uncomfortable.

— Jin

5. Chopsticks

There have been times when I ordered food that they didn’t bring chopsticks and spoons. These are for those times, so I don’t have to wait and can eat right away.

— Jin

Check out all of his essentials below!

Jin’s “What’s in my bag?” | A.R.M.Y 3rd Term Membership Kit

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