BTS’s Jungkook Is A Relatable “Twilight” Fan In The Behind-The-Scenes Of “Time Difference” Concept Film

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We’re pretty sure Jungkook would be Team Edward.

Following the release of J-Hope‘s solo album, BTS‘s Jungkook was the next member to share a full project with ARMY.

Fans were excited to learn of Jungkook’s special 8 photo-folio, Me, Myself, and Jungkook and were even more thrilled when the first teasers began to drop, showing off the project’s vampire concept. A special concept video titled “Time Difference” was also released, showing more of “Vampire Jungkook in different settings.

The official account for The Twilight Saga even chimed in on “Vampire Jungkook” as fans created more and more vampire related edits of Jungkook.

In the recent released behind-the-scenes for the concept film that accompanies the photo-folio, Time Difference, Jungkook shared that he wanted to do the vampire theme because he had not had many chances to do conceptual photoshoots. It seems like he is a fan on “fairy-tale”-like storylines and was very excited for the chance to try one out.

There may be other reasoning behind his choice, as it seems Jungkook knows quite a bit about vampires! More specifically, he knows the lore of the vampires found in The Twilight Saga to the point of remembering how they look, live, and behave.

From their sparkly skin…..

…to how vampires have different colored eyes depending on what they eat…

…and random other trivia, it seems Jungkook really did his “research” before this pictorial!

Fans have found this adorably relatable as many are also massive fans of Twilight. Other ARMYs think it is hilarious that Jungkook got his knowledge of vampires from the movies instead of other works like Dracula.

Luckily it seems like Jungkook will have a Twilight marathon buddy in Jin! Check out when Jin got a special shout of from the “Twilight” team as well.