BTS’s V accidentally follows BLACKPINK’s Jennie on Instagram

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How easy is it to accidentally follow someone from the “recommended” list on Instagram?

Very. Easy.

Thanks to the very insistent feature of Instagram to suggest everyone “recommended” friends, BTS member V, currently exploring Instagram for the first time ever along with the rest of his members, accidentally ended up following BLACKPINK’s Jennie on Instagram!

On December 7, many fans around the globe noticed the new addition to V’s “following” list:

Of course, very shortly afterward, V’s “following” list soon became 7 again.

In fact, V then appeared on Weverse to ask fans,

“Is there a way to get rid of the ‘recommended’ friends list here on this Insta thing?…. It’s a scary app.”

How did K-netizens react to the little mishap? They commented,

“There’s no way he’d actually follow her on purpose. He should know the kind of chaos that would cause.”

“I bet he was so shocked. Even when I accidentally follow random people I don’t know, I feel so awkward.”

“He explained himself on Weverse right away so no one would get the wrong idea.”

“Seriously tho, what’s wrong with following her? It’s not a crime.”

“This is how you know that countless people all over the world are watching his every move.”

“He explained it, so stop terrorizing them both.”

“Y’all know that happens like ALL THE TIME right.”

And more. Are you following BTS’s V on Instagram yet?