BTS’s V Has Achieved A New “First” Title After Vogue Korea Revealed His Three “Surprise Covers”

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An iconic feature in every sense.

Vogue Korea’s October issue was already highly anticipated, thanks to BTS’s V. Ever since it was revealed that he will be gracing the covers of this issue, ARMYs have been counting down the days to get the magazine on their hands. Previously, Vogue Korea had unveiled three covers featuring V on their Instagram page. On September 14, KST, the magazine dropped three more ‘surprise covers,’ sending fans into a frenzy.

The Vogue Korea Twitter account said these three new covers are a gift for their readers. On their website, the caption read, “V’s present. An Icon of an era, V of BTS and Vogue meet again. Releasing the coVer that will be remembered for ages.”

With these three new additions, V is now the first male idol to be featured solo on six Vogue Korea covers! This latest achievement is just another feather in the crown of the fashion king.

Vogue Korea has evidently gone all out for this issue, calling this collaboration the “coVer” and highlighting the “V” of “Vogue” on each of the covers. The magazine will also release more content featuring V, which includes a teaser film, a full interview and editorial, and a full film.

Fans are in awe after realizing how much in demand V is in the fashion industry. While it is hard for celebrities to land on the cover of Vogue Korea due to their strict standards, he not only got featured on six of them but also got the title of “an icon of an era” from the magazine.

Given how this feature marks the beginning of V’s solo endeavors as an artist, one can only guess how insane the scale of his next activities would be.