BTS’s V Proves He Is Truly Living His Best Life In America Through His Latest Instagram Posts

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Something about V in America hits differently!

BTS has recently jetted off to America after it was announced that the members would be meeting with President Biden at the White House to discuss racial discrimination and anti-Asian hate crimes. The members are set for another busy few weeks, with a huge event and the lead-up to their comeback. Yet, the group has been rightly enjoying their time in America.

In particular, one member who has been gaining attention for living his best life is BTS’s V.

Even before the members left Korea, they all gained attention for their flawless visuals and showcasing true manners at Incheon Airport when greeting fans and the media. V was no exception looking extremely handsome and being a true ray of sunshine.

As soon as V arrived in America, he made sure to let ARMY know that they had landed safely by sharing a beautiful picture of the sky with the caption, “Hi” and a little emoji.

Yet, it seems like ahead of their busy schedules, V has been taking some time off the enjoy doing some activities. In particular, V showed off that he was having a lot of fun doing some indoor sky diving and, despite the red outfit and wind on his face, V looked handsome AF channeling his inner daredevil, with the caption, “Let’s go pick/grab clouds.”

At first, V shared videos of the instructor having some fun and showing the other members, including the oldest member Jin, the endless amount of fun they could have in the tube.

Then it was the turn of V. The idol added the caption on the video, “Me too going up there… I’m also doing something cool.” As expected, V looked effortlessly cool, calm, and collected as he started flying with the help of a certified instructor.

If that wasn’t enough, V seemed to be enjoying even more activities. In a now-deleted video, the idol continued to impress netizens with his progress in golf and it was definitely a sight to behold.

He then ended the day by sharing a beautiful sunset with ARMY with the song “It’s a Lovely Day Today” by Ella Fitzgerald.

When the posts were shared, netizens couldn’t hide how happy they were that V was enjoying himself in America. Others joked that as soon as V stepped off the plane, he’s been using his time productively and trying new experiences, even a mere 24-hours before they have to be at the White House.

Hopefully, alongside their historic trip to meet the president, the members can enjoy themselves during their trip. It isn’t often that they get time to relax and have new experiences, but V is proving that he is making the most of his time in America.