Busan turns into ‘Jin City’ for BTS concert, has first wall advertisement in Korea

BTS News

In just 12 days, BTS will hold their long-awaited concert in Korea’s second largest city – Busan and it will be called Yet to Come in Busan.

Jin’s fans were excited and they turned the entire city into a real “JinCity”.

Hundreds of advertisements bearing Jin’s image can be seen throughout the city.

K-Media reported that Jin’s fans will be cheering him on with great support at Busan World Expo.

The entire space of the 2-way screen door at the Busan subway line 3 sports complex station is decorated with 38 photos of Jin and 4 large walls.

As such, this is the first time such a wall advertisement has appeared in Korea, showing the power of Jin and the fandom.


More advertisements will continue to appear in Busan during the preparations for the concert.

Besides, a large plane with Jin’s face will fly around the main stadium and there will be a photo session with fans.

Last year, Jin’s fans surprised him with two of the most epic birthday projects ever made in history.

Both were attended by 50k people and were performed in front of Jin at a concert in Los Angeles.

BTS’ eldest brother thanked his fans many times after that because he was deeply moved to see something so big just for him.

Every year, more than 100 different birthday promotional projects are held for Jin around the world.

For example, last year large Japanese buildings turned pink for Jin, and the tallest buildings in Russia showed a slideshow with congratulations.

Once, a Chinese fan of Jin even celebrated Jin’s birthday in the middle of the street.