Check out the BTS characters who used to dress up for Halloween

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To immerse yourself in the Halloween atmosphere and come up with your own costume ideas, why not get inspired by BTS?

Here are all the costumes that the 7 BTS boys have worn for Halloween all these years!

Year 2014
1. RM: Vampire

2. Jin: Jack Sparrow 

3. Suga: Chucky

4. J-Hope: Prisoner

5. Jimin: Charlie Chaplin

6.V: Joker

7. Jungkook: Grim Reaper


1. RM: Gudetama

2. Jin: Pumpkin

3. Suga: Naruto

4. J-Hope: Darth Vader

5. Jimin: Mickey Mouse

6. V: Vampire

7. Jungkook: Detective Conan



1. RM: Ryan from “Kakao Friends”
2. Jin: Cowboy
3. Suga: Traditional Hanbok

4. J-Hope: Skeleton
5. Jimin: Cabbage
6. V: Syaoran Li in Cardcaptor Sakura
7. Jungkook: Rabbit


BTS wore the group outfit “Snow White and the 6 Dwarfs”.

2018 – 2019

Due to their busy schedule, BTS didn’t dress up for Halloween in 2018. However, the group did post some spooky videos on TikTok.

Year 2020

BTS members chose to dress up as ghosts with a white cloth.