Check out the physical characteristics that prove BTS’ V is a ‘rare’ in the world

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In addition to musical talent and exemplary handsomeness, BTS also has many other rare physical features in V.

Along with the other members of BTS, V is considered the most famous male K-pop idol in the world.

And the fact that V was born to become a star is inevitable because God has given him many rare characteristics:

Three white eyes

“Three white eyes” (eyes with three white parts) refer to eyes where the white part is visible below the pupil.

In ancient times, it was seen as a manifestation of physical and spiritual imbalance. But today, this feature has become the new beauty standard, giving it a mysterious and attractive appearance.

Some idols who also have other three-white eyes are Lisa (Blackpink), Sehun (EXO), Hwasa (Mamamoo), Haechan (NCT), G-Dragon (Big Bang)…

Handy with both hands

About 90% of people in the world are right-handed. The rate is even higher in South Korea, where the statistic is up to 98% of the population.

But true to his speciality, V is one of the few people in the remaining group.

V BTS is born left-handed. He holds almost everything with his left hand…

… but write with right hand

When playing tennis, the ability to play well with both hands gives V a big advantage. It is known that in Korea, there is only one professional tennis player who possesses the same ability, which is Kim Cheong Eui.

Blood group AB

Only 4% of the world’s population has blood type AB. This feature not only proves that V BTS is special, but according to a long-standing belief in Korea, people with blood type AB often have natural talent, reason, and are a potential genius.

Absolute sound ability

V possesses the ability that allows him to perceive sounds at any height when he hears certain sounds in life.

Many fans first discovered this interesting detail when BTS V recognized the exact octave from a flock of chirping chickens.

The ability to sense sounds is one of the rarest abilities in the world. It is known that only 0.01% of people own it, and V is one of the lucky few.

Special birthday

V was born on December 30, 1995. According to data from the United Nations, December happens to be South Korea’s rarest birthday month.