Come and see if TWICE and BTS are “fate”: RM as well as the 10th member of the JYP girl group!

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TWICE is in the process of “teasing” a comeback for the album Formula of Love: O+T=<3 . TWICE’s “scientist” photo series caused a “storm” of the fan community thanks to its luxurious quality, much better than previous concepts. Incidentally, BTS also just released a set of promotional photos for DVD Season’s Greetings 2022 , in which leader RM also has a similar “mad scientist” image.

And RM (BTS) makes fans fall in love with the scientist image

The relationship between BTS and TWICE makes “hybrid fans” of the two groups excited. At a glance, many people will mistake photos of RM sharing the same “universe” with TWICE. Many fans humorously joked that RM was like… the 10th member or a colleague who works in the same lab as the JYP girl group.

The name of a song on TWICE’s new album is the same as RM’s character name in Season’s Greetings

“Rare photo of Namjoon solving TWICE’s love formula problem”

“RM works with Jihyo in TWICE’s lab”

Fan made a teaser photo of TWICE with the 10th member – Namjoon

At first glance, do you think BTS collab with TWICE?

BTS and TWICE are originally rivals on the Kpop race, but the fandom of the two groups has a peaceful atmosphere, with little controversy. BTS – TWICE fans often pair members, or support each other in a friendly way. Previously, the JYP girl group and the Big Hit boygroup had many opportunities to interact directly with each other. RM and Nayeon also went to the same high school and know each other in real life. Therefore, the interesting coincidences between the two groups are well received by the fans.

-Is Namjoon the 10th member of TWICE?

– Head of Research Namjoon and beautiful juniors.

After all, TWICE’s love problem can only be solved by RM, right?

– BANGTWICE is the best, love both groups!

– Bang’s father and Park’s father are also close friends, the two groups are so predestined.