Discover the ‘secret chamber’ of BTS members

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“The Chamber of Secrets” is the place to store the interesting and lovely stories of BTS that every ARMY knows by heart!

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When he was working underground, RM used to take the stage name Runch Randa – a character in the game Maple Story. At that time, RM also released a few songs that he co-produced with Zico (Block B).

Jungkook is also known as the golden maknae (golden maknae) because he can take on any position from singing, dancing and rapping. In addition, Jungkook is also quite good at drawing, good at sports such as running fast, archery…

V can climb trees very well, but the scariest thing is that he doesn’t know how to climb down…

RM is also nicknamed “The Clumsy Saint” because even if he didn’t mean to, he would break anything he touched: refrigerator door, glass, stage floor… Even, Suga had to tease the members. the other is: “Don’t go near RM today, watch out for injuries”.

Considered as the “brain” of BTS, RM has an IQ of 148, was once in the top 1% of Korean students with special abilities and was awarded a certificate of merit by the Vice President for his outstanding academic achievement.
When BTS moved to a new dorm with a private room, Jungkook was assigned to sleep in the same room with RM because every time he slept, he slept like the dead. That’s the way to “survive” with the “legendary” snoring of the leader.

Previously, Jimin was a student at Busan Art School, Department of Modern Dance. His dance teacher asked Jimin to audition for an entertainment company, and so Jimin came up with BigHit and ARMY.

J-Hope studied at the same dance and rap academy in Gwangju (J-Hope’s hometown) with Zelo (BAP), Hyerin (EXID)… Later on, these friends still keep in touch, still together. gathered together to celebrate Hyerin’s birthday.

When RM breaks things in the dorm, Suga usually collects them and works hard to fix them. Suga is also the one who will do things like change light bulbs. And J-Hope is the one who cleans and arranges to keep the dormitory clean and tidy.

V cried when he signed the contract with the company, because he had to say goodbye to his parents to come to Seoul as a trainee. When he debuted and became famous, V often called home to confide in his parents, traveling and telling his parents stories… Visiting home in Daegu, he also took his parents to the movies.

Suga said that he felt cheated by BigHit because they told him that when he entered the company, he only needed to compose and rap, and he didn’t need to dance. But then since their debut until now, BTS is one of the groups that always have difficult choreography in Kpop.

When he was in middle school, V studied and played the saxophone for about three years. There was a time when V wanted to be a saxophonist rather than a singer. There was also a time when V wanted to be a farmer.

When the BTS project was announced to the audience, V was kept a secret until the last day. He is considered the “secret weapon” of BTS.

Jin is good at cooking and is often in charge of cooking, making delicious rice and sweet soup for BTS.

V doesn’t like to wear shoes, especially closed-toe shoes. So if he doesn’t have to, he will like to wear comfortable open-toed shoes. V also likes wide leg pants.

Jin is a person with a strong eating soul. If in the period of having to lose weight, instead of choosing a strict diet, Jin will choose to exercise more.

J-Hope used to be an official trainee of JYP. He joined YoungJae (BAP) to participate in the same JYP audition.

Jungkook often arranges messy things on the bed. When they didn’t move to the dorm, BTS had to share a room and sleep in bunk beds. Once, Jungkook forgot to make his bed and fell asleep on Jimin’s bed. Seeing that, Jimin hugged the pillow and went to the living room to sleep, making room for the youngest brother.