‘Falling’ the ‘Perfect Boyfriend’ look of Jungkook BTS

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The term “perfect boyfriend look” is used by netizens to describe how they would like their current or future boyfriend to dress.

Jungkook’s fashion sense is iconic, so it’s no wonder he’s often used as an example of a boyfriend’s great looks.

Here are 10 of Jungkook’s best boyfriend looks.

1. In casual clothes

Jungkook makes simple white t-shirts expensive. Also, how can one look so “eye-catching” while cooking?

2. On the way to the airport

Jungkook is about to catch the flight and the fans are getting emotional.

3. Gamer boyfriend

Jungkook looks great in this all-black casual outfit.

4. grunge aesthetic boyfriend

Plaid shirt and oversized jeans have never looked so good.

5. Ready for winter boyfriend

Jungkook looks cozy, cute and fashionable in this jacket.

6. Boyfriends on campus

Fluffy curls + stylish earrings + stunning looks = the cutest guy on campus.

7. Boyfriend goes to the gym

Fans may want the HYBE gyms to be closed but it’s definitely okay to have more Jungkook selfies in the gym.

8. Long-haired boyfriend

Long hair looks good on Jungkook. His long hair, earrings and trendy coat make him a great boyfriend.

9. Diplomatic boyfriend

Jungkook looks great in this outfit.

10. Photographer boyfriend

In his jacket and long-sleeve shirt, Jungkook looks like a photographer ready to take pictures during a winter photo session.