Fans are outraged when BTS souvenir photos are recycled, printed on the back of another K-pop group

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A netizen immediately complained after receiving “recycled” BTS goods from the official Weverse store and the news is going viral.

In a disgruntled Twitter post, one fan revealed that they recently received an official BTS MUSTER item ordered from the Weverse store.

However, when he turned the item over, the fan saw that the item was printed on the back of a recycled product by another K-Pop group.

The post then went viral across various K-pop communities, and fans are reacting with harsh criticisms of the Weverse store and the maker of the merchandise.

Some commented: “Oh, that’s the group VERIVERY picture on the back”.

“This is the worst quality you can get from a stationery store in the neighborhood.”

“I mean, we all know that they don’t bother to check the quality before shipping, but this is just too stupid.”

“I stopped buying from the Weverse store a long time ago because of all the problems.”

“A two-sided item. There’s nothing interesting here, it’s sad.”