Fans of BTS’s Jungkook celebrate ‘Jungkook Day’ by donating to charities helping ill kids, cancer patients, and abandoned animals

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Jungkook Day is celebrated every year on 9th January as a day chosen by JK himself in a 2018 season greetings and asked fans to do anything and upload it on the internet. He also tweeted with the caption ‘Happy Jungkook Day’ on January 9, 2019.

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in 2018 season greetings calendar jungkook assigned jan 9th as ‘jungkook day’ with a note “do something, whatever it be and upload it”. in 2019 he tweeted some cute pics and wrote “today is jungkook day”. 0109 is his birth date reversed!


#HAPPYJKDAY2023 took over Worldwide and US trends as Jungkook fans and fanbases around the world celebrated the day by donating to various foundations to help ill kids, cancer patients, and abandoned animals.

“#HAPPYJKDAY2023” trended at #4 Worldwide and #8 in the US as fans celebrated January 9 as ‘JK Day’. We love you Jungkook♥️


Jungkook’s fanbase union, GoldenJKUniverse, donated to the ‘Make a Wish International’ foundation to make the wishes and dreams of ill children come true.

Jungkook’s Japanese fanbase and fans donated 100,000 JPY to UNICEF under Jungkook’s name after donating on Christmas Day.

Another fanbase, Jungkook Global, made a donation to the ‘Best Friends Animal Society’ charity for Jungkook Day. The charity works to save as many animals in U.S. shelters as possible, and their sanctuary cares for animals in need.

Duo fanbase, Taekook Pakistan, donated to ‘Shaukat Khanum Hospital’ in Pakistan for Cancer Patients to give them a fighting chance and keep their hope alive.