Fans shocked at Jungkook BTS’s intention to name children

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Have you ever wondered what BTS’ Jungkook would like to name his future children?

Turns out Jungkook planned it all. Here is his latest revelation that will make you jump.

BTS’s golden maknae may be the baby of the group, but the 24-year-old is definitely not a baby anymore.

In fact, Jungkook was already planning on naming his children. If you think that a dynamic personality like Jungkook will only choose a certain name for his future generation, you are sorely mistaken.

With Jungkook, his child’s name needs to be as iconic as he is and Jungkook has definitely given it some serious thought.

During an Instagram meeting with ARMY, when asked what he wanted to name his baby, Jungkook prepared a list.

“I’m Jeon, so Jeon Seol (legendary), it’s like ‘become the legend of this world, become the legendary Jeon’ and Jeon Yul (goosebumps/chills), it’s like ‘make a jerk’ everyone in this world'” are Jungkook’s thoughts on the name of his future child.

You were influenced by Jungkook’s choice, right? BTS idols definitely know how to make the Internet stop working with just a few words.

Jungkook may not be able to name his kids but it’s adorable that he’s going to share something so personal with ARMY.