Handsome BTS Jin saves the whole set of solo photos ‘The Astronaut’

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Do the images reveal Jin’s unique musical style in this solo?

Jin BTS has just released a series of new concept photos for his upcoming solo.

In these images, Jin is so elegant in a suit, holding a planet model in his hand, surrounded by galactic blue. It all looks right with the title of his solo single The Astronaut – a gift from the band Coldplay.

Some comments from netizens:

– Has HYBE run out of money already? Fortunately, Jin’s handsomeness pulls it all back.

– Cheap moment has never been simpler. With this, Jin can also weigh.

– What is this manly look? Will it be a ballad? Coldplay music is free.

Jin will perform his solo song for the first time at the Coldplay concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 28.