Here are the top 8 artists who completely dominated the K-pop industry within the last ten years according to music critics

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On a recent episode of TV personality Kim Gu Ra’s YouTube channel ‘Gura Chul’, music critics gathered to vote on the top 8 korean artists who dominated the K-pop music industry within the past 10 years. In the video, one of the music critics stated, “I think the last ten years really showed ‘an era of K-pop’.” Considering this, the panel members then voted on the top artists that played a crucial role to the rapid growth of K-pop music.

You can watch the episode here:

Here are the top 8 artists that were chosen as the most influential to K-pop:

1. IU

2. G-Dragon

3. Psy

4. Jay Park

5. BTS


7. EXO

8. Lim Young Woong