How are BTS boys’ faces ‘deformed’ when they’re cute

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Some of BTS’ moments are so iconic, you don’t even need the sound to hear exactly what they’re saying, your brain will magically add the sound.

Check out some of the GIFs below and any ARMY will add all the correct sound effects.


2. “Oreo McFlurry. McFlurry, please!”

3. Jin’s iconic smile

4. “Covid, get out!”

5. “Hello, we are ~” “BTS!”

6. J-Hope’s loud voice

7. “Lachimolala?”


9. BTS screaming chaos

10. Sing “Happy Birthday” during the live stream

11. The sound of Jimin stretching his limbs to the fullest

12. “Sope” opens Hwagae market

13. V cried and laughed because of Jimin’s little finger

14. J-Hope’s smiley and clapping emoji

15. “Goodbye!!”