How is Jin BTS’s bare face that anti-fans insist on wearing makeup 24/24

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 BTS Jin’s eldest brother must have removed his makeup directly on television for anti-fans to stop suspecting.

Jin BTS is known as the “global handsome” because even the West is infatuated with his perfect figure. Many times, science had to analyze his face, but in the end, he had to agree with the sculptors that this was a perfect face.

So, in terms of features, anti-fans can’t have a word against Jin. Instead, they turned to examine the skin that is always white and smooth like a baby’s skin or cherry-colored lips, affirming that Jin always wears makeup!

Indeed, it’s hard for ARMYs to respond because ARMYs themselves have never seen Jin… ugly. Let’s take a look at Jin’s bare face series of photos to make your own judgment:

The bare face or the blush of a person who has just moved?

Why are these lips always so red?

This picture must be rustic, right, anti-fan?

Unreal! Unreal!

The picture that caused a storm when Jin turned the simplest things into magic

What’s wrong with makeup 24/24!

Perfect lines

What a beautiful person!

Go fishing without makeup!

It’s really stunningly beautiful

Beautiful in every situation

Do you look like an angel?

Makeup experts ask if this skin is bare or cushioned?

Every moment of Jin is a masterpiece

Whoever took the picture for Jin must have had a lot of fun

Beautiful, I can’t fault it!

No real makeup!

Did ARMYs find a picture of Jin that isn’t perfect?

Cheeks blush by the fire!