If you could choose 1 super power, what would Jin BTS choose for ARMY?

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 The superpower that Jin BTS chose for ARMY once again shows how well he understands his fans.

When we were kids, perhaps everyone wondered if we had superpowers, what limitless abilities we would want to have. Will it be invisibility, mind reading or weather control or the ability to fly like in superheroes?

Recently, in Snack Time – a new video for BTS’ official fanclub in Japan, Jin answered a list of interesting questions for ARMY, including one about superpowers.


“If you could give ARMY one superpower, what would it be?” – the question was posed to him, the whole BTS group.

“If I could give them a superpower, it would be the power to stop time. I want them to be able to watch BTS for as long as they want,” Jin replied humorously.

Jin in a superhero cape

Jin answers the question in the video “Snack time”

The sheer volume of content about BTS can be intimidating for “new ARMYs joining the fandom”. Jin added, but also made sure they didn’t have to look at everything one by one.

“You can just choose what you want to see,” he said.

Although knowing this superpower does not exist, Jin’s answer has met the wishes of ARMYs, who just wish they had more time to immerse themselves in the music space of their idols.