In BTS, which guy likes to ‘show off’ the most?

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 BTS members currently have 3 extroverted personality types, including RM, J-Hope, and Jimin, and 4 introverted types, Jin, Suga, V and Jungkook.

Although some of the boys’ MBTIs have changed over the years, fans can always easily tell the difference between these two personality groups.

Fans clearly noticed that there is a strong difference between the BTS members.

1. Noticeable difference between those who chose each answer

The choice between “gathering in the dressing room” or “going out with the celebrities” is evident.

2. Extroverts have the same brain cells and stand up and dance at the same time

This is a party for wild people.

3. Even during a live broadcast, you can tell who has what type of MTBI

Do you vibrate more with the extroverted team RM and Jimin or the introverted team Suga?

4. Extroverts don’t mind anything

You can always count on them to bring energy.

5. Suga’s shyness is precious

All introverts know how it feels to be a little confused.

6. J-Hope is the king of extroverts

He has no shame in being a jerk to make his fans laugh.

7. V and J-Hope’s actions show how shy Jungkook is

Not today, “crazy” hyungs.