It’s too hard to choose the best photo of V BTS and the photo that takes the top spot is…

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We all know that V BTS’ visuals are on a whole new level and honestly, it’s hard to choose just one photo that captures all of his beauty.

An online community forum held a V photo contest where they went through 64 rounds to try and find the best photo of V taken by someone else.

This contest excludes self-portraits and concept photos. Here are the photos that made it to the round of 16…

… And here are the photos that didn’t make it to the 8th round.

V in the performance of ” Singularity “

” DNA ” performance at AMA

The photo V shared with fans while in the states

Performance ” Singularity “

4th place

V is happy surrounded by ARMY.

3rd place
Legendary image from The Fact Awards.

2nd place
V “bright” at MBC ‘s Gayo Daejejeon .

First position

V in a “muster”.

Fans who saw the results of the competition were confused because honestly, there was not a day that V wasn’t a legend.

Although this game is just for fun, this once again proves the power of V.