J-Hope BTS was so drunk on filming ‘Rush Hour’ MV that he refused to even go to the… bathroom

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Korean R&B and hip-hop singer Crush will return with the song ” Rush Hour “, which features J-Hope BTS.

Before his release today (September 22), Crush gave an interview to news site Newsen in which he talked about collaborating with rapper J-Hope.
Besides sharing how the collaboration went, Crush was asked if there were any special circumstances that happened while filming and filming with J-Hope.
The Don’t Forget singer described how he witnessed J-Hope’s professionalism firsthand.
While recording the song, Crush noticed that J-Hope was working hard, sweat running down his face.
But J-Hope also refused to go to the bathroom until he was satisfied with his output.
“J-Hope sweats a lot and doesn’t even go to the bathroom while filming” – Crush.
During the recording, J-Hope will say to Crush, “Hyung, I will do it again. I can do better. Once again”.
That’s when Crush realized that J-Hope “wasn’t in his current position with nothing to worry about”. J-Hope receives the respect of his senior as an artist.
But the rapper’s dedication to J-Hope’s work isn’t the only thing that impressed Crush.
In the same interview, Crush shared that J-Hope personally gave him energy when he was tired from dancing during the MV filming. He also monitors and guides the singer’s performance.

“J-Hope is even ready to appear in the MV. When I filmed my dance scenes, he gave me energy when I was exhausted. I also remember being very grateful to J-Hope for watching and editing each other.” – Crush

J-Hope may have chosen to focus solely on his own scenes for the MV but he was more than willing to help Crush without asking for anything in return.

Furthermore, it’s clear that J-Hope loves what he does because he doesn’t stop recording for anything even going to the bathroom. If that’s not dedication, what is?
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