Jennie Blackpink and Jung Ho Yeon ‘clash’ fiercely with V BTS’ rumored girlfriend

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When it comes to friendship in the Korean entertainment industry, fans cannot ignore the interaction between their idol and their favorite actor. One friendship in particular that has attracted attention is Jennie Blackpink and Squid Game star Jung Ho Yeon.


Even before Squid Game aired and took the world by storm, fans were admiring Jennie and her friends. Jennie also sent a coffee truck and went to the set to support and promote the movie for you.

New to Los Angeles, Jennie was busy with Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party and sparked rumors of cooperation with The Weeknd when they met.

However, no matter how busy they are, Jennie and Ho Yeon have to meet, especially when they are beautiful together at the LACMA Art-Film gala. On Instagram, Ho Yeon showed off a photo taken with Jennie. True best friends, they both wore a luxurious long black dress, showing off their perfect flawless body!

If that photo wasn’t enough to overwhelm fans, then there were another series of photos of the duo with other stars. Among them, there is a beautiful character who is currently the focus of public opinion. It’s Joanna Chun, the daughter of the president of Paradise Group, who was recently rumored to be in love with V BTS!

Netizens are very interested in these images: – It’s great to see that there are still carefree friendships in the Kbiz world.

It’s true: Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are. I don’t know who to choose more beautiful!

– Wow, there’s even a rumored lover of V BTS. It’s also well-deserved for the same age!

It’s true that the three beauties can’t fault any points!