Jimin BTS officially spoke out about the foreclosure of a million dollar apartment

BTS News

After returning from the US, BTS member Jimin personally apologized for the controversy over the health insurance incident that took place in April.

BTS has returned to Korea after visiting the White House to meet President Joe Biden.

Jimin then took to Weverse to personally apologize for the recent health insurance controversy in which a 5.9 billion KRW (approximately $4,758 million) apartment in Nine One Hannam was damaged by Insurance Services National Health Insurance Corporation (NHIS) forfeiture for non-payment of health insurance premiums.

Earlier, it was reported that Jimin had his apartment foreclosed on because he owed 28 million KRW (22,544) in health insurance premiums. It is known that the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) sent notices to register the seizure four times and the property seizure was canceled after the premiums were refunded.

At that time, Big Hit Music responded, “Jimin didn’t know about the crime due to his overseas schedule, the long vacation from the end of last year, then the overseas schedule. However, soon after When he heard about the incident, he paid the fee. We apologize for causing concern to the artist and his fans due to the company’s negligence.”

Nine One Hannam Area in Seoul, South Korea

Recently, Jimin wrote: “Hello ARMY, how are you? I was able to come to the United States. I believe everyone knows about the event we participated in. I am so grateful and honored. when we can join this event to give voice to all ARMYs of different races, countries and cultures.

However, I think I am inexperienced to stand there on behalf of all of you. I apologize for causing concerns due to my inexperienced actions. In the future, I will do my best to become more mature so as not to cause concerns.
Fans must have been worried because I don’t visit often. I will come more often. I will always miss you ARMYs.”