Jimin BTS ranks Top trending worldwide thanks to perfect beauty

BTS News

On July 30, Jimin left Seoul at Incheon International Airport to go to the US for a personal schedule that made millions of ARMYs “crazy”.

As always, many fans and reporters from various media outlets were at the airport waiting to see the male idol and wish him a safe flight.ơ

As one of the reporters said, because he is Jimin, the people who love and support him will always show up to see him off with lots of love and cheers for him.

The media then published numerous photo articles about Jimin’s appearance at the airport, praising his style and image. K-media is known for putting on the most beautiful and lavish titles to show how much the press appreciates Jimin. And here are some examples:

“The image lights up the whole airport”, “The fluttering heart is present”, “Just looking at him makes my heart flutter”, “Beautiful beauty”, “Shining aura” …

When Jimin’s photos were posted online, fans raved about his beauty and complimented everything from his clothes to his accessories, his image, his smile, and his aura.

As a result, Jimin dominated the trends on Twitter and entered the worldwide trending list with many keywords, including “HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT JIMIN” which reached No. 1, while “Jiminie” ” and “Park Jimin” reached 14th and 27th respectively. Other trending topics include “JIMIN IS GOING CHICAGO”, “WITH JIMIN TILL THE END”…