Jin becomes the first K-pop soloist to reach number 1 on Shazam in Japan

BTS News

Jin is known as one of the most popular K-idols in Japan and the only idol ever to get a standing ovation from the Japanese public. He is loved not only for his outstanding looks but also powerless singing abilities that he often goes viral for.

His solo song “Moon” was the highest-charting on Line music in Japan. Jin was also the 2nd highest BTS member ever to debut on Japanese Billboard Hot100.

Currently, Jin’s new solo OST “Yours” is not released yet in Japan. Its release date is set for November 24. Right now, “Yours” is available only on YouTube.

However, even without the official release, “Yours” has already reached #1 in Japanese Shazam. He became the first K-pop artist to achieve such a milestone. Japan is the second-largest music market in the world.

Talking about “Yours” achievements, it has gained great success on all platforms.

It is the most successful OST on Spotify after its’ debut. Jin made the biggest Spotify debut for a male artist and 12th overall among solo and group acts, being the only unpromoted song among them.

“Yours” is also a record-breaking song on iTunes, being the first Korean solo song of this decade to chart on Worldwide iTunes chart for 3 days. It has also reached #1 on iTunes in just a few hours after the release. Even despite two charting reforms, an OST did great on K-charts.