Jin BTS has a ‘twin brother’ who is a rookie actor

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Who knew there would be today? ARMYs would never have thought that there would be someone like Jin – a global handsome man with a rare appearance. However, even fastidious ARMYs must admit that this actor is very similar to their idol.

The rookie actor in question is Kim Mingyu! ARMYs can’t help but notice how amazing he is playing an idol on JTBC’s Idol: The Coup .

From her tall slender nose to her lined eyelids and especially her ripe cherry lips, Mingyu looks just like Jin in every aspect!

Even the jawline is similar.

Let’s put both side by side to compare.

Of course, it can be said that both have their own beauty and charm.

For those who feel familiar with Mingyu, he is a former Produce X 101 contestant! He almost debuted in X1’s lineup.

After that, he switched to acting. At that time, he looked like Jin. As he matured, his jawline became fuller and his double eyelids also disappeared due to healthy weight gain.

ARMYs can’t help but be surprised to see Mingyu right now:

– Anyone who doesn’t know will think this is Jin’s younger brother, even his twin!

– Younger and chubby version of Jin.

– Like a cross between Jin, Park Ji Hoon and Cha Eun Woo.

– I thought it was photoshopped! Rubbing my eyes twice and still can’t believe it’s real!

– Very similar indeed in some corners. But overall, they still have their own unique character!

I wonder what happens when Jin and Mingyu meet in real life, ARMY?