Jin BTS is praised with the nickname ‘Jin effect’

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Not only talented and handsome, Jin of BTS is also admired by many people with his friendly personality.

Specifically, there are many celebrities who consider BTS’s eldest brother as a close friend. These people even revealed that they cherish this friendship because Jin has a great personality.

ARMY has nicknamed the male idol “Jin effect” in response to more and more celebrities praising his personality.

Recently, the keyword “Jin effect” continued to be shared across social networking sites after famous chef Lee Yeon Bok shared a story about his friendship with Jin on television.

“BTS Jin is my best friend. Whenever he has free time, he visits me or asks about me. We often chat over beers and talk about his future, such as On the other hand, I shared with him the news in the entertainment business and also those who admire him,” – Lee Yeon Bok expressed.

Fans are proud to know that Jin has left such a deep impression on every person he comes in contact with.

Similarly, actor Lee Kyung Kyu even called Jin his “real brother” because he really liked his personality. Or Coldplay’s lead vocalist Chris Martin, who loves Jin so much that he gave him his one-of-a-kind guitar…

“I like the way Jin makes friends with people older than him. It’s adorable,” wrote one netizen.