Jin BTS is the ‘global handsome’ even in his childhood photos

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 BTS’s Jin is known by the nickname Worldwide Handsome and has several other beauty monikers . No wonder his looks are top notch.

Jin once shared that he was the favorite object of many girls in kindergarten when he was 5 years old. His mother also always talks about how handsome little Seokjin is!

Jin has grown up, becoming more handsome every year. Many actors who attended the same university as Jin have always said that he is very popular and known at school for his looks. What’s more, tourists stopped Jin on the street to take pictures with a very handsome person.

Before joining Big Hit, Jin was recruited by SM Entertainment many times. It’s no surprise that Jin has given BTS many appearances during his rookie days by attracting many fans with his outstanding visuals.

Once he even won the Big 3 members in the poll for the best-looking idol on television.

Netizens on Pann reacted to BTS’s childhood photos. Many people commented that Jin looks exactly the same now and has always been handsome.

“Jin’s face is still the same now!”.
“Big eyes, full lips, he hasn’t changed much.”

“Jin is so handsome. He’s been perfect since you were a kid.”

“He’s been handsome since he was a kid.”

“Shoulders are always wide”.

“It’s Kim Seokjin’s role, my god.”

“He’s a prince”.