Jin BTS will have to join the mandatory military service this year?

BTS News

By this December, BTS’ eldest brother will turn 30, and this is also the latest age for Korean male idols to perform military service. Netizens are currently divided into 2 different opinions on this issue.

The topic of BTS’s military enlistment is frequently debated by both the public and Korean politicians. The media even conducted a survey to see if the public thought BTS should be exempt from performing their obligations.
This is because under current Korean law, sports athletes who win a gold medal at the Olympics or Asian Games are automatically exempted from military service. However, many continue to debate whether BTS’s achievement in the global music industry is on par with those of gold medal-winning athletes, enough to make the 7 boys exempt. mandatory military service or not.
Despite the ongoing debates, there has not been any solid information as to whether or not BTS members will be exempt from military service. Last year, the BTS Military Service Act was passed, allowing pop culture artists to defer enlistment until the age of 30.
However, since the oldest member of BTS, Jin, will turn 30 on December 4 of this year, and additional amendments to increase the age limit for deferment of military service have not yet been approved, it is possible that Jin’s mandatory military service is inevitable.
In response to this issue, some Korean netizens’ comments showed a variety of opinions: “I hope he quickly fulfills his duty and comes back soon to make more good songs!” , “I think Jin will still go to the army in the end”, “Where did his orders go? Why do people keep telling him to hurry up when he hasn’t been called yet?”, “Jin should go to the army. After that, time will pass very quickly”, “If not, the image will definitely be ruined. So I think they will decide to go to the army”…
ARMYs are still waiting for the official decision on BTS’s enlistment, and the boys have always stated that they are ready to be called up for military service in the country at any time!