Jin BTS’s eldest brother is completely shocked when everyone ignores him

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– It’s true that people can’t eat all of them, ARMYs? I don’t know if Jin feels sad, angry or both!

BTS has repeatedly demonstrated their close, family-like relationship.

But a funny situation happened when Jin had a solo broadcast and received a call from Jungkook.

Jungkook made a rather “barbaric” comment about Jin’s broadcast ability: “My live is more fun than Jin hyung!” Me and my aunt!

After that call, Jin felt it would be fun to call the other BTS members. He started to try his luck with Suga.

Jin fell for the fact that Suga didn’t pick up the phone.

Jin then tried again with Bang Si Hyuk – CEO of BigHit.

It’s cruel that no one answered him this time either!

Well, it’s too busy. Jin had to put aside his disappointment and call Jimin. It’s so perverse that Jimin didn’t pick up the phone either!

By this point, Jin had lost his confidence and was bewildered wondering why no one answered his phone.

In the end, Jin had to pray to “sunlight” J-Hope.

It was a relief when J-Hope picked up the phone. Turns out Jimin is also at J-Hope’s place. Jin then questioned why Jimin didn’t pick up the phone. Jimin explained that his phone had a problem and he didn’t even get a call from Jin.

It’s embarrassing to be the president of JinHit on the street. ARMYs couldn’t save it either, so they could only laugh:

– I’m sorry, but looking at oppa’s face I can’t help but laugh! Haha

– What’s the use of a millionaire to have a broken phone, Jimin?

– Call me. I guarantee to pick up the phone right after the first ring, anytime!

-Imagine if J-Hope didn’t pick up the phone either…

How sad for Jin!