Jungkook and Suga’s OST in 7 Fates Chakho is creating a global ‘trend’

BTS News

  Stay Alive has become a worldwide “trend” as fans fell into a rush of excitement when revealing the release date and name for the OST  7 Fates Chakho by Jungkook and produced by Suga. .

Many media outlets covered this soon after it was launched and the news quickly spread across all social media platforms as the anticipation for the release increased as the release date was revealed.

Fans have taken to social media to express their excitement about the OST and how eagerly they await its release.

Expectations are high as this is the first OST performed by Jungkook.

The OST will be released on all live streaming platforms on February 11, and fans around the world are waiting for the most anticipated release of the year.