Jungkook BTS is hailed with the nickname ‘golden voice’ of K-pop

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Magazines, international media and netizens constantly give BTS’ Jungkook compliments as well as noble titles.

During his artistic career, BTS’ youngest Jungkook has achieved many outstanding feats. Thereby, he has been nicknamed many times by fans.

In which, Jungkook’s prominent nicknames can be mentioned as “K-pop’s trump card”, “K-pop representative face”, “global IT guy”, “sold-out king”, “fancam king”, “?social network king”, “stage genius” or “Seoul fashion king”…

Jungkook continues to be praised by netizens with the new nickname “golden voice” after being ranked No.1 by Mexican media in the list of K-pop artists with the best vocals.

Behind Jungkook are Jinhwa (iKON), Taeyeon (SNSD), Wheein (Mamamoo) and Wendy (Red Velvet). This media site even commented that Jungkook’s voice “shakes the whole world”.

One netizen expressed, “Proud of you, our golden voice Jungkook”.

In the past, Jungkook has received countless compliments for his voice from talented producers. Notable is the composer, Grammy award-winning producer DJ Swivel.
“Jungkook has really amazing vocal skills without any instruments or sound effects. Euphoria song proves it” – DJ Swivel shared.