Jungkook BTS lose weight: Dare to smell the food when the hyungs enjoy it

BTS News

In order to have the look of thousands of people like today, Jungkook BTS has to make a lot of sacrifices.

In an online exchange, the youngest member of BTS once shared about his strict diet, saying that if he wasn’t a celebrity, he would order beer and food right away.

Jungkook confesses to fans that he is craving food but doesn’t allow himself to relax

Jungkook said he worked out hard because he liked to appear in public with a toned appearance. And just getting a little fat can make male idols hate their looks. In fact, Jungkook’s will to diet is so strong that when the other members eat donuts and topokki rice cakes, Jungkook is determined to just… smell them, never eat them.

For Jungkook, donuts are just something to… smell

Jungkook is the member with the most unusual body in BTS compared to his debut days. The management company once objected to the male idol’s muscles becoming more and more “bulging” because they wanted him to keep his student image.

However, this objection seems to be in vain as Jungkook is always training hard, and because of that, his abs and arms are also getting stronger.

Jungkook on stage