Jungkook BTS makes fans “fall” with simple fashion style but “impressive” aura

BTS News

Jungkook BTS is increasingly becoming a “fashionista” with a unique fashion style.

Everything Jungkook eats, drinks, and wears makes global headlines as BTS has become the most popular K-pop group in the world.
Recently, a netizen created an online community post showing the evolution of Jungkook’s fashion style.
While there isn’t much of a difference as Jungkook continues to have the same taste for stylish sportswear, a transformation is clearly visible.
Take a look at the looks that show Jungkook’s growth in fashion.
1. Cheetah Print from foot to head
While attending a Harry Styles concert, he donned a leopard print hoodie and shorts.

2. Pure black

From Jungkook’s bag to his shoes, every detail adds a monochromatic look to this outfit.

3. Soundcheck looks

Recently, Jungkook is experimenting with more models, colors, and brands.

4. Louis Vuitton

Jungkook has sported this iconic outfit on numerous occasions, including during a live broadcast.

5. Dance practice

Jungkook continues to impress with his street style in a tracksuit with his recent look during choreography practice.

6. “Boyfriend Material”

Jungkook looks simple and fresh in a loose denim shirt.

7. Torn jeans

“Golden maknae” is not just someone who likes oversized clothes. He can also wear a pair of trendy jeans that fit well.

8. Street fashion

Jungkook’s relaxed and sporty look during BTS rehearsals is a fan favorite.

9. Bright blue

Jungkook may have “imitating” Jin in this baggy blue ao dai.

10. E-Boy Style

It’s all down to accessories and button-down shirts for this “cool” look.

11. Super “oversized”

He showed off his confidence while practicing with one of his favorite casual looks.

12. Practice choreography for the song On

This is a look no ARMY will ever forget – especially the ponytail.

“Jungook has a very good figure so any clothes will fit him.”

“I have my own taste in style”

“I think Jungkook’s personal fashion sense looks natural and cool”

“He doesn’t have the usual fashion sense but he looks cool”

“I love your personal style”

“His everyday look is amazing”

“He has an aura that attracts everyone’s attention, on top of that, in my opinion, Jungkook dresses well”

“I really like how well-dressed you look.”

“I think Jungkook looks good in whatever he wears”

“Jungkook is very handsome” and “I think those clothes look good on Jungkook because he’s Jungkook”.