Jungkook BTS mole: destined to be a star, but also encountered many difficulties

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 Everyone has moles and BTS is no exception. Mole is the highlight of beauty, but it can have many other meanings.

In many countries around the world, especially Asia, many people believe that the location of moles on the body can tell a lot about a person such as personality, health, mental state or even future. Of course, there is no solid scientific evidence for this yet.

Here are the locations of moles on the face:

This time, let’s see what the moles on Jungkook’s face say. ARMYs remember that these are for reference only!

1. Position 18: Mole on the forehead

The owner of this mole is endowed with foreign travels, a job that requires a lot of travel. In addition, a person with a mole in this position can go far thanks to his knowledge and inclination in science and mathematics. However, this mole also indicates an accident abroad. Be careful when going abroad!

2. Position 8, 9: Mole on the nose

A mole on the nose is said to be a sign of good fortune. That is why people with moles on their noses are surrounded by many people. However, for your luck, be careful not to become selfish.

However, people with moles on their noses are very good at… spending money. Find a partner to help control this habit. In addition, they are especially smart, quick-thinking

3. Position 21: Mole near the lips

Fame and recognition never leave the person with this mole. Tough physique, flaming eyes, a smile that can conquer enemies and an imaginative mind are what this mole speaks for. As a partygoer and a life of luxury, your love is like a roller coaster but worth the fight.

4. Position 15: Mole on the chin

This person is intelligent and always maintains a state of balance in all aspects of life. A person who is always on the move and constantly striving… The person with this mole is adventurous, loves to discover new things, is someone who lives to the fullest and has a keen eye for observation.

5. Position 23: Mole on the earlobe

This is a person with a high IQ, both in terms of brain and activity. Extremely high survival instinct, always active until old age. Family means a lot to this person. In particular, with a mole on his left earlobe like Jungkook, it shows that he is trustworthy and loved by many people. A mole in the ear is also a sign of a long life, abundance and excellent personality.

6. Mole on the neck

A mole on the neck shows confidence but sometimes stubbornness. They are very firm in their ideals and preferences. This is also a sign of a good personality.

7. Mole on arm

This is an extremely decisive person and always makes powerful decisions. They are also brave and often make the right choices.

8. Mole on finger

Be a warrior if you have a mole on your finger. Life will be full of obstacles that must be overcome.

9. Mole on leg

This is a sign of luck, success in all aspects. In particular, people with moles on their calves will be very famous. He is also loved by many women who respect and support his efforts.

Do ARMYs see these signs as true?