Jungkook BTS openly went out with this person on Valentine’s Day, even wearing a couple

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These pictures are really delicious bait for you OTPs, the youngest couple of BTS!

Although he has never made his girlfriend public, Jungkook has often talked about his ideal date.

A romantic and daring person, Jungkook wants to go for a walk along the beach with his girlfriend. He also wants to experience a kiss scene like in the movie Love 911 , where the male lead picks up his girlfriend and kisses her!

That’s the ideal, but in reality, Jungkook’s Valentine’s Day is like!
As an idol, but Jungkook also openly went out on Valentine’s day with someone. Not only that, they also wear lovely blue couple shirts. That’s Jimin!

It seems that Jungkook is very comfortable with his “lover” so he is not afraid to dance jubilantly!

Jungkook and Jimin met at a training session in 2013, after the male dancer was the last to join the group, moving into a shared dormitory in Busan.

Western newspapers when reporting on this video had to note that in Korea there is a habit of wearing double clothes, in this case because of friendship. ARMYs don’t seem to need this caption:

– Pretend to be surprised.

– Oh, it’s easy to be shocked, isn’t it? Haha

– It needs to be corrected that they wear couple clothes but not because of friendship. Actually, it’s because of… brotherly love! Spirits!

Happy Valentine, ARMY!