Jungkook BTS ranked Top trending, about to release a solo product?

BTS News

Jungkook has made fans and social networks crazy when he has an official personal Spotify account.

Recently, ARMY was surprised when Jungkook’s official Spotify account was finally released. Immediately, fans shared this information on social networks, causing the guy’s account following to increase “dizzy”.

Even the keyword “JUNGKOOK ON SPOTIFY” is still Top trending on global Twitter. Many ARMYs believe this move could mean Jungkook is about to launch a new solo project.

Geffen Records – the UMG-affiliated record label in charge of BTS’ promotional activities in the US – also liked a Twitter post announcing that Jungkook had his own Spotify account.

Many other keywords that are trending on Twitter include “JUNGKOOK SPOTIFY ACCOUNT”, “JungkookOST”, “JUNGKOOK OST”, “SOLOIST JUNGKOOK”, “JUNGKOOK OST COMING SOON”…

“Best news ever. Can’t wait for Jungkook’s OST and JJK1 mixtape” – an ARMY expressed.