Jungkook BTS ranks Top trending worldwide thanks to new concert

BTS News

BTS captured the hearts of fans around the world during their Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Seoul.

This is the group’s first concert in Korea in more than two years. Fans are extremely excited and love BTS’s performances.

Award-winning musical actress and singer Lee Salonga praised Jungkook’s vocals during the concert.

“Did Jungkook swallow a tuner? His voice is amazing!” – Lee Salonga wrote on Twitter – “No wait, he swallowed a bunch of CDs”.

Along with many other posts, Jungkook has ranked as the Global Top trending (trending) on ​​Twitter, including the US and 58 other countries with more than 1.8 million mentions.

It is known that this is the record for the highest number of mentions for an individual in a day. Many fans were extremely excited and called Jungkook the nickname “stage genius”.