Jungkook BTS reached the Global Top Trending after a remarkable record

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The male god Jungkook of BTS is receiving a lot of congratulations on Twitter.

Recently, Jungkook continued to shine and scored another great achievement with his solo song Euphoria , released in 2018 on BTS’s Answer: Love Myself album .

Specifically, the male idol’s Euphoria surpassed PSY’s Gangnam Style and became the most streamed song by a Korean male solo artist on Spotify (292 million streams).

Euphoria also holds the record for the most streamed Korean b-side song and BTS solo song on Spotify. The following topic lists all the important achievements of Euphoria .

‘DJ Swivel – producer of Euphoria also shared about his achievement on Instagram to celebrate the huge record mentioned above.

Similarly, ARMYs also shared keywords on social media to congratulate the male idol. Keywords like “EuphoriaMostStreamedSolo”, “TOP MALE SOLOIST JUNGKOOK” or “CONGRATULATIONS JUNGKOOK” also ranked at No.1, No.3 and No.4 respectively on Twitter’s Global Top Trending.

“Before officially starting his solo career, BTS’s main vocalist – Jeon Jungkook has established himself as an unparalleled icon in the K-pop world through this record,” – an ARMY expressed.
Congratulations Jungkook BTS!